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Objetives of the centre


By our informative sessions at the cages area, before each flight session, and by the explanations throughout the exhibitions, we show our visitors the characteristics and peculiarities of each species of these amazing birds. The flight sessions are conducted at a natural viewpoint, located near the edge of a cliff.


In order to achieve greater sensitivity and respect towards nature, we have developed several educational programs, addressed to the children that visit us with their schools. Although our work focuses on the study of birds of prey, it also points to the other elements that make up the ecosystem, and to their interactions. The contents of our programmes for school groups are always adapted to the children’s ages. They include four different levels of workbooks.

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Entity EA-068 registered in the general census of Environmental Education institutions of Catalonia


Birds of prey unrecoverable as agreement with the Department of Agriculture of the Government.

Working with Conservation Foundation BVCF Black Vulture.

Breeding Centre.