Schedules until December 14:

Online tickets.

Saturday and sunday :

Morning: We open at 12h
Guided visit: 12:30h
Flight session: 13h
Afternoon: Entry from 13:45h
Flight session: 16h
Guided visit: after the flight.
We close: 18h

From Tuesday to Friday:

We open from 10h to 16h
Guided visit:
Flight session: 12h
We close: 16h

Excep october,31, closed on Mondays.

Tickets prices

Adult: 15 €
Children (from 3 to 15 years):  10 €

price change on September 1, 2023

Calendar and Schedule 2022.


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More information and bookings

Tel. + 93 866 26 48 o por whatsapp al 662155938, from tuesday to friday  9:30 a 16h weekends and August from 11 a 18h.
Restaurant reservas 93 866 26 73 o per whatsapp 682154052