· Cim d’Àligues reserves the right to select or reject the images or videos sent.

· Participants guarantee and undertake to documents submitted do not infringe intellectual property, privacy or any other rights of third parties. Participants undertake to ensure that any person or persons who appear in the images has given its consent for the use of their image or has waived any rights it may have in the image submitted. When that person is under 16 years must have the consent of that person’s parents or legal guardian. If this is not shown properly consent to the satisfaction of Cim d’Àligues, we can dismiss the work submitted.

· In case of Cim d’Àligues accesses publish the document sent to each participant grants Cim d’Àligues an irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free and global reach, the full right to publish or use the document whenever it is relevant to this specific competition, and to sub-license these rights to a third party.

· Cim d’Àligues reserves the right to use the data provided by the participant relating solely to Cim d’Àligues. Do not ever yield this information to third parties.