The flight session and the guided tour are the main activities of our center.

The guided tour is an explanation about 30 minutes in the aviaries. This allows us to introduce general concepts about birds of prey, such as their nutrition, habitat, behavior, species, curiosities and more.

The flight session lasts about 45 minutes. It’s where you really appreciate the different characteristics of each species.

Sitting outdoors in an amphitheater located in a gazebo overlooking the valley, we watch them closely: flying above us, fist to fist of their caregivers, or flying away by the scenary. All accompanied by an explanation for a closer look.

These birds of prey were born in captivity and they have been in contact with people since little. This fact allows the birds to return to what they consider their territory and where they get their food and this allows as to observe them in a very short distance, which is unusual in the wild, given their innate fear to human presence.

The center’s fee includes attending the tour and the flying session. We also have a small forest where to walk, picnic areas and a restaurant if you want to spend all day.

On weekends and holidays, the fee allows you to enjoy the two flight sessions and guided tours (morning and evening), they both are different.

In case of rain or strong winds, is not possible to perform the flying session. Please, check the weather for tomorrow Catalan Meteorological Service